butterfly! The big glass cabinet is full of butterflies. The big ones are like bean leaves, the small ones are like tie buttons. Some butterflies have round eyes on their wings. Bagan's heart was beating. The female teacher takes a stick and talks about the little grey butterfly in Xishuangbanna, the monarch spot butterfly in Mexico, the phoenix eye gorge butterfly Bagan went out of the house and leaned against the wall. Butterfly what's here? Is it because there is sea in Qingdao? Hergetara and neymantara have not had butterflies for years. The butterflies lost their way. They flew to the sea. They couldn't fly forward. They fell on the reef like the flowers on the reef. The summer camp came out and no one found him. Bagan saw the female teacher with the stick. He went over and bowed. The teacher nodded and looked at the child wearing the red hat with the words "Zhelimu League". Bagan took out the coins with paper money and handkerchief bag, and held them to her: "teacher, please put them away!" "Let them go. Let them fly back to the grassland." "What?" "Butterfly." The female teacher was surprised and smiled. Seeing Bagan's face red and tears, she stopped laughing again, took him by the hand and went into the room and looked at him without saying a word. Bagan was silent for a while and said it all at once. Mother was carried out. It was raining outside. Sanjay's grandmother covered his eyes with her hands. Is everyone going to a place in the end? Want to be something?